Subscription Shares

This is the flagship account of the Association. A subscription share is an investment certificate that carries a future face value. This unique medium term investment account is designed to allow members to save for a specific future need. The matured share value can be put towards your children’s education, the down payment on a house, car or vacation expenses. Subscriptions shares can be paid for in advance either monthly, quarterly or half yearly. Subscription shares will mature when the credit to the share account reaches the aggregate face value – this is achieved from the accumulation of the member investments plus compounded dividend. 



  How can this investment be used?
  Diversify Investment Portfolio
  Children Education
  Gift for Someone Special
  Down payment for a house
  Liquidate future commitments
  Medical Savings Plan
  Supplemental pension savings

Types of subscription shares available: 


Face Value – (Each)

Monthly Investment


                         $10 per share


                         $20 per share


                         $50 per share


                       $100 per share

For instance:- an investor wanting to buy 10 $10,000.00 share certificates would have to invest $500.00 monthly.


Subscription Shares


  Benefits to the member include:
High dividend payout on shares
Compounded dividend which is credited twice yearly
No service charges
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